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Kaspersky Red Teaming

Challenge your organization's cybersecurity defenses and assess your monitoring and incident response capabilities.


Red teaming offers organizations a critical and thorough evaluation of their cybersecurity defenses. By simulating advanced, real-world attacks, it helps uncover vulnerabilities, assess incident response capabilities, and ultimately fortify an organization's security posture, enabling them to stay ahead of evolving threats and mitigate potential breaches.

Kaspersky Red Teaming aims to answer critical questions

Detection Capabilities

Can your team effectively sift through numerous alerts and detect real attacks, such as those targeting web applications?

Response Time

Kaspersky will develop a comprehensive SOC framework for you, starting with a high-level How swiftly can your security team identify an intrusion and respond to prevent compromise?


What was successfully detected and what was missed in the adversarial attack simulation?

How it works

Our Red Teaming service, grounded in global best practices and standards, including TIBER-EU, CBEST, and Adversarial Attack Simulation Exercise (AASE), to provide an in-depth evaluation of your security posture and readiness against advanced threats.

We delve into every stage of the kill chain, from initial compromise to lateral movement and data exfiltration.


1-2 weeks

Discussion of the goals, initial scenarios, scope, and rules of engagement

Tailored Threat Intelligence

3-5 weeks

1. Alignment of obtained data with attack scenarios

2. Tailored reconnaissance, based on Kaspersky Threat Intelligence, available company information, and OSINT:
  • Threat landscape;
  • Attack surface;
  • Leakages;
  • Data on compromise;
  • Underground interest

2. Alignment of obtained data with attack scenarios

2-4 weeks

Preparation of custom infrastructure and toolkit

Attack Execution

5-12 weeks

1. Simultaneous data collection regarding the process

2. Kill chain execution leading to compromise:
  • Delivery / Exploitation
  • Persistence
  • Lateral movement
  • Exfiltration


4-6 weeks

1. Preparation of deliverables – executive summary, technical report, details on the attack.

2. Debriefing with participation of Blue and Red teams

Suitable for

Our services are for any organization, who want to enhance their business resilience and improve their security posture, especially in the following industries:

Finance Services

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